UC Quick Wins: 6 Sales Integrations

5 min readOct 9, 2018


UC Sales integrations to enterprise messaging apps

Sales integrations are crucial to empower your sales team to reach their targets and accelerate conversions.

In today’s digital world, Unified Comms tools keep your teams connected wherever they are. When everyone shares the same information, it’s easier to solve customer problems, accomplish your goal, and accelerate sales.

The trouble is, countless companies are unable to unlock the real potential of today’s enterprise apps, because their employees are all using different systems. rom Slack and Microsoft Teams, to Google Hangouts and Cisco Webex Teams, there’s a lot of choice.

At M.io, we believe in bridging the gaps between enterprise apps. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best sales integrations for your UC stack. All the tools we’ll cover today work with multiple chat apps at once, so you can finally stop information gaps from ruining your sales.

1. Salesforce (for Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, and Slack)

Salesforce is the most popular CRM available today. Designed to help companies develop strong relationships with their target audience, Salesforce offers insights into everything from online traffic to conversion rates.

By integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams or Slack, you can help your employees view and share details about their latest accounts without leaving their chat app. Sales teams can track critical real-time data and use it to make important decisions, all without having to move between multiple windows.

Example of Salesforce for Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, and Slack
Salesforce in Slack

2. Woobot (for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce)

Sometimes, all your sales team needs to accomplish incredible things, is the right information. Woobot is an application that keeps your teams connected to crucial enterprise data through Microsoft Teams and Slack so that they can turn prospects and leads into sales.

With the Woobot integration, you can empower your teams to view and act on new leads, nurture essential sales opportunities and collaborate with their colleagues on sales through @mentions. The service allows admins to set up automatic notifications to remind their teams when they need to follow up on a lead or check a new report on Salesforce too.

Example of Woobot for Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, and Slack
WooBot in Microsoft Teams

3. Zoho CRM (for Cisco Webex Teams and Slack)

Zoho CRM provides a complete overview of your business sales cycle and pipeline, to help agents better understand where they can create and maintain leads.

When integrated with Slack and Cisco Webex Teams, Zoho CRM provides useful information about projects and customer data. The app can also offer automatic notifications when something changes in a project. Managers can use Zoho to share records with users in chat apps, and offer training options through video.

Example of Zoho CRM for Cisco Webex Teams, and Slack
Zoho in Slack

4. Stripe (for Cisco Webex Teams and Slack)

Perhaps you don’t need help nurturing and finding leads for your business. Instead, what you need is something that will help you to take online payments securely. Fortunately, that’s precisely what Stripe can offer. Stripe is an online payment system that works seamlessly with Cisco Webex Teams and Slack.

When you integrate Stripe with your chat appl, you can manage all your payments in a single place and keep track of how many sales you’re making. You can even configure the app to send you notifications on repeat customer accounts. It’s a great way to keep track of your incoming payments when you’re running a small business.

Example of Stripe for Cisco Webex Teams and Slack
Stripe in Slack

5. Tonkean (for Slack and Microsoft Teams)

Every sales strategy requires your team has access to all the information they need to close that deal. In today’s fragmented digital environment, critical information usually ends up spread across multiple silos like email, chat apps and other cloud apps.

Tonkean is an app that integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams to bring together all the business apps your employees need. With Tonkean, you can view all of your sales data in one place, track upselling strategies and check out information on your top customers.

Example of Tonkean for Microsoft Teams, and Slack
Tonkean on Slack mobile

6. Totango (for Slack and Microsoft Teams)

Totango is a sales app that allows companies to access important information about their customers during transaction conversations. The Totango app comes with access to the Zoe bot, which pulls up customer data in an instant for busy employees.

In Slack or Microsoft Teams, you can add Zoe to any channel you want. To include Zoe in a conversation, type @Zoe into the channel, followed by your question.

Example of Totango for Microsoft Teams, and Slack
Totango in Slack

Integration Friendly Sales Tools for Your UC Stack

If you’re using too many apps in your sales team, the tools above will help to streamline your strategy. By keeping everything in one place, integration reduces the stress of sales collaboration.

Want to find out more about running an integration friendly salesforce? Check out this M.io demonstration to help you share files between Slack and Cisco Webex Teams. Plus, stay tuned for the next part of our Quick UC Wins series. Next up is support tools to help resolve problems quicker.

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