UC Quick Wins: 6 Customer Service Integrations

5 min readOct 19, 2018
Enterprise chat quick wins

Customer service is the heartbeat of every organization.

89% of businesses now compete on customer service alone. $1.6 trillion is lost each year in the US, due to customers switching vendors to avoid lousy service.

Making sure you deliver an exceptional customer experience means making sure that your teams have access to the right tools. An aligned workforce collaborating and communicating effectively is better equipped to solve consumer problems.

When staff members need to constantly switch between apps, the result is loss of time, lost information and, you guessed it, poor customer service. We know a unified workforce is one that can deliver so we’ve compiled a list of the most effective customer service tools you can use alongside your favorite UC tools.

1. Intercom (for Microsoft Teams and Slack)

Today’s customers want personalized, relevant interactions. The only way your business can deliver these custom conversations is by having access to the right information when they’re serving each customer. Intercom is an application that gives your team the latest context they need to answer questions quickly.

Intercom presents conversations within your Microsoft Teams or Slack application, with the details from their last three talks with your company. The app also offers smart suggestions for how you can answer a query, and automatically assigns conversations to teammates with the appropriate skillset.

Example of Intercom app for Slack and Microsoft Teams

2. Freshdesk (for Microsoft Teams and Slack)

Freshdesk offers support across email, phone, chat and social media. IntegratingFreshdesk with Microsoft Teams or Slack helps keep your teams updated about the status of customer service tickets. This enables you to resolve problems faster and preserve your business reputation.

Freshdesk is particularly useful for teams who have specific groups of people serving different customers. You’ll be able to post content and updates to private channels in your Teams or Slack network. You can also send direct messages about tickets that have been assigned through Freshdesk.

Example of Freshdesk app for Slack and Microsoft Teams

3. Envoy (for Slack, Cisco Webex Teams, Google Hangouts, and Skype for Business)

To kick off an exceptional customer service experience, you need to welcome them in the right way. Envoy is a visitor registration app transforming the way visitors are greeted in workplaces. If you handle your customer interactions in-house, this tool is a great way to leave a lasting first impression on your visitors.

Envoy also works on smartphone devices, so that visitors can sign in from any location, and access more information about your business when they need to.

Example of Envoy app for Slack, Cisco Webex Teams and Skype for Business

4. Workbot by Wokato (for Microsoft Teams and Slack)

When you can’t find relevant info, customer service suffers. Collaboration and chat applications were designed to solve this problem. But, in a world of fragmentation, employees have multiple apps to flick through before they can find the data they need.

Workbot by Workato is an intelligent app that sends notifications straight to the front of Microsoft Teams or Slack when an issue directly concerns you. For instance, if an administrator assigns you a specific work ticket, Workbot will immediately pop up on your Slack or MS Teams screen.

Example of Workato app for Slack and Microsoft Teams

5. Zendesk (for Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, and Slack)

Zendesk is an app that ensures the right people get notifications quickly. With Zendesk, you get automatic updates when the status of a support ticket changes, meaning problems can be solved rapidly, and fewer issues get overlooked.

You’ll need to be a Zendesk admin to access this integration. When you do, you’ll be able to set up multiple configurations for status changes in the tickets you create. You can also add, delete and edit configurations at any time.

Example of Zendesk app for Slack and Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams

6. Review Bot (for Slack and Microsoft Teams)

After an interaction, you can lean on Review Bot to encourage a review from your customer. Review Bot helps you track your reviews, by monitoring all of the different messages left on places like Yelp and your app stores.

We also see helpful features, like auto-tweeting five-star reviews directly to Twitter, and opening weekly/monthly status reports. You can also track the improvements in your reviews, to see whether your business reputation is making positive progress.

Example of Reviewbot app for Slack and Microsoft Teams

Integration Friendly Marketing Tools for Your UC Stack

By keeping your customer service in one place, integration friendly tools reduce the stress of workplace communication and collaboration.

Want to find out more about running an integration friendly workforce? Check out this M.io demonstration to see how we can help you share files between Slack and Cisco WebEx Teams with ease. Plus, check out the rest of Quick UC Wins series. We’ve examined the best sales, marketing, video and file sharing integrations to help you work more collaboratively.

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