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Here you’ll find the weekly happenings in enterprise messaging — covering what Mio, Slack, Cisco and Microsoft have all been up to.


Decision making

Slack featured a blog around mastering decision making as a group this week. Included in here was a stat from McKinsey who found that 72% of senior executives thought their companies made bad decisions as often, or more often than good decisions. Slack includes a section on tools for group decision-making.

Now, this is something particularly important to Mio customers. As groups in enterprises span different offices and different technologies, there is going to be more than one chat tool in play. This means if you need an instant decision or insight into a bigger one, you probably resort to email or dig out your username and password for that secondary chat app.

Only yesterday, a business we spoke to said:

“Our end goal is to have my team keep the same apps they already use but talk to our customer.”

Group decision making is vital. Having process and objectives to the decisions is critical. But, it’s a real productivity sapper when you can’t chat using the tools of your choice to get there quickly.

Slack decision making blog

Slack block kit

We also saw the introduction of Slack block kit this week. Block Kit is a new user interface framework that should provide control and flexibility when building messages for Slack. Made up of blocks — stackable bits of message interfaces — you can define exactly how you want information to be delivered in Slack.

Slack has already provided documentation and templates for Slack block kit. They will also be running a deep dive session where users can get to know Slack block kit in more detail.

Slack block kit


Webex App for Google Calendar

Four months ago, Cisco launched a Webex App for Google Calendar. Recognizing the need for interoperability across meeting and calendar tools was a huge win for users of both Cisco Webex and G-Suite. Just how big it was may have been a little understated until Connie Tang confirmed that over 1 million users have adopted the Webex App for Google Calendar. Further indications that interoperability is in high demand.

Webex App for Google Calendar


Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Tom Arbuthnot this week posted his take on a frequently asked question in the Microsoft community. His blog responds to the question of “What is the date customers have to move from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams?”

Whilst the ultimate answer is unknown, it does seem like the end for Skype for Business. Last week, I posted that my personal account was being upgraded from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. I already used Microsoft Teams so it wasn’t a concern. Intriguing to note, however, that I have received no further update but I can no longer download Skype for Business from my Office 365 portal.

To check if your business is being lined up for an auto-upgrade, check out our blog post on the topic.

Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams training

IT admins can now benefit from additional training resources that Microsoft has released for Microsoft Teams. Videos and PowerPoint decks have been made available here. Training includes topic areas like these:

  • How do IT admins plan, configure and run Teams to provide the best experience to their users?
  • How does Microsoft Teams impact the current environment?
  • What are key learnings for each topic area?
Microsoft Teams architecture


We’re still excited about the upcoming Enterprise Connect conference where Mio has been nominated for two awards. If you haven’t yet signed up for Enterprise Connect, this is the last week to receive the largest discount. You can get $500 off by using our discount code “MIO” and this link.

We’ve also posted two guides for Cisco Jabber users thinking about upgrading to Cisco Webex Teams. If you are thinking about upgrading, but are concerned about your Slack users, use this link. If you are thinking about upgrading, but are concerned about your Microsoft Teams users, use this link.

Each week I round up the latest happenings inside and outside Mio. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with the latest news and happenings.




Chat better, together. Mio powers cross-platform messaging across Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom. Learn more at https://m.io

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Chat better, together. Mio powers cross-platform messaging across Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom. Learn more at https://m.io

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