Enterprise Chat News Round Up #20

Enterprise messaging industry news

Welcome back! This week we’ve seen Microsoft embrace a new partnership, Cisco announce a more natural way to search for content on WebEx Teams, and new integrations for Slack.

At M.io, we’re on hand to help you keep track of these updates. So, sit back and check out the biggest stories to hit the industry between the 9th and 16th of August.

Cisco WebEx Teams Reveals New Functionalities for August

Cisco announced the improvement of its search function in WebEx Teams this week. Thanks to a backend upgrade, users can now search through their entire history of conversations on iOS and Android devices. You can also refine the results you get using filters.

Cisco also noted this week that it has noticed some issues affecting installation for Windows and Mac versions of WebEx Teams. Cisco jumped onto the problem quickly to make sure that the releases were ready by the official launch date of August 15th.

Cisco Webex Teams new search and meeting feature
Cisco introduces new functionality

Microsoft Teams Launches Canada Data Residency

Microsoft continues to show its commitment to delivering better data storage solutions to companies around the world. In February, the company announced data residency for Microsoft Teams in India. Starting from the 10th of August, Teams will also be offering data residency for organizations in Canada.

Microsoft believes that the new Canadian data residency will help regulated organizations embrace Teams while maintaining compliance requirements. Other locations are coming soon, specifically Australia and Japan.

Graphic showing Microsoft Teams data residency for enterprise chat
Canadian data residency was added this week

Microsoft Teams Enhances Collaboration for Product Designers with Adobe XD

Microsoft and Adobe are well-known for working together on innovative tech innovations. The latest partnership between them is designed to make life a little simpler for product designers working on Microsoft Teams. New integrations between Microsoft Teams and Adobe XD will allow users to share designs quickly and leave real time comments.

Designers can share preview links generated by Adobe XD in Teams. This will provide co-workers with a design summary, thumbnail preview and any additional information they might need. Once you share the design, you’ll get notifications automatically when colleagues make comments or changes.

Example of someone sharing a dashboard prototype on Microsoft Teams for product designers
Microsoft Teams now integrates with Adbobe

Workplace by Facebook Premium No Longer Requires Company Email

No company email? No problem.

Workplace by Facebook just announced that you will no longer need a business email address to sign up for an account. Anyone with an employee ID can access the full Workplace Premium experience. Until now, lack of a corporate email address may have stopped employees from taking part in their enterprise chat services. However, the new administrator feature means that companies can grant access to everyone in their workforce, using employee IDs.

The decision to replace employee emails with IDs comes as part of a new feature rollout from Facebook, which includes a more sophisticated search for Workplace, better admin control, and improved personal profiles.

Example of a Workplace by Facebook enterprise messaging environment
Users can now access their feed without a business email

SAP’s Concur launches advanced travel bot for Slack

SAP’s Concur recently introduced one of the most advanced Slack bots on the market today for travel companies. The artificial intelligence application simplifies the process of booking flights. The bot gives teams and business travelers the option to make travel arrangements within their enterprise chat tool.

Concur Travel also allows users to share travel itineraries and search for available flights in a Slack channel. Once you find the right flight, you can simply buy a ticket straight from your app and generate expense reports for your business without leaving Slack.

Example of the SAP Concur travel bot for Slack
You no longer need to leave Slack to make travel arrangements

Dialpad launches new Slack integration

Dialpad just announced a new integration with Slack to streamline workplace conversations. Dialpad says that the new integration will allow teams to avoid toggling between apps by giving them a single central platform for communication.

Once administrators turn the Slack logging system on for their department, team members in the Slack channel will receive notifications when:

  • Text messages are received
  • Calls are completed
  • Calls are missed
  • Voicemails are received
  • Calls start
Example of the Dialpad Slack integration
Dialpad launched their Slack integration this week

Thanks for joining us in our latest weekly news roundup. We’ll be back with more updates next week! Remember to catch up with us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more of the latest news about Enterprise Chat!

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