How to Connect Zoom and Cisco Webex in 2022

Connect Zoom and Cisco Webex

Does Zoom work with Cisco?

  • Use API connectors
  • Sync your messages and chat using message interoperability
  • Launch Cisco meetings from Zoom Rooms
  • Set triggers in third-party tools like Zapier

Connect Zoom and Cisco Webex with API connectors

  • A Zoom account with a connector license.
  • A Windows PC, server, or virtual machine.
  • Cisco hardware like a desk phone or conference phone.
  • Network access to the Cloud Room Connector.
  • A calendar set up with Google, Exchange, or Microsoft 365.
  • Click the API connectors tab
  • Tap Add API Connector
  • Enter the network information
  • Click Save
Zoom API connector

Installing Zoom API connector software

  • Go to the Cisco/Polycom rooms section of your Room Management section on Zoom.
  • Click API Connectors and Install the connector.
  • Double click on the ZoomAPIConnecter.msi file, to open the wizard.
Zoom API connector

Sync Zoom Team Chat and Webex Teams using message interoperability

Connect Zoom and Cisco Webex

Using Cisco Webex Meetings with Zoom Rooms

  • Start your web conferencing meeting but don’t dial into the audio bridge on your computer.
  • Share your laptop screen to the Zoom Rooms display. The display will project shared content from your computer to the screen.
  • Dial into the audio bridge of Webex Meetings using the dial-out feature for Zoom Rooms.

Zapier integration for Zoom and Cisco Webex Teams

  • Trigger new meetings in Zoom through Webex Teams.
  • Trigger new recordings in Zoom through Webex, and vice-versa.
  • Create Zoom videos when you click on the video option in Cisco Webex.
Zapier for Zoom and Cisco Webex



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