Zoom’s Acquisition Of Five9
Zoom’s Acquisition Of Five9

On July 18, 2021, Zoom announced that the company would be acquiring Five9, a cloud-based contact center. The deal is reportedly worth $14.7 billion and is Zoom’s largest M&A acquisition in its 10-year history.

Some industry analysts and commentators had seen this a mile off.

For those that didn’t here’s what you need to know about Zoom’s acquisition of Five9.

Details about Zoom’s acquisition of Five9

In 2019, Zoom was worth around $16 billion. The company has since seen its market cap explode to roughly $106.7 billion.

As a leading unified communications platform, Zoom has been exploring ways to serve the company’s enterprise customers even…

How To Schedule Messages On Slack
How To Schedule Messages On Slack

Can you schedule messages on Slack?

In June 2021, Slack announced the launch of a “schedule message” feature. Rather than relying on Slack integrations like Message Them Later, Slack Scheduler, or Send It Later, you can now queue up a Slack message to send at a later time.

How it works

Managing communication within your team can be stressful, especially if you are working in different time zones.

You can break the barriers when you schedule Slack messages to arrive at the time that you want. Here’s how you can use the Scheduled Send feature for your teams on Slack:

  • Open the conversation you’d like to send the message…

Zoom Outlook Plugin
Zoom Outlook Plugin

The Zoom Outlook plugin will help you integrate your favorite video conferencing tool into your most-used email app.

As both tools are leaders in their fields, it’s only natural that you’re one of the millions who are using both Zoom and Outlook.

Zoom boasts over 300 million daily meeting participants and Outlook is flying with 400 million-plus users.

In this post, we cover the following items relating to the Zoom Outlook plugin:

  1. How do I add the Zoom plugin to Outlook?
  2. Is there a Zoom plugin for Outlook on Mac?
  3. How do I create a zoom meeting in Outlook?
  4. How…

Add Webex To Outlook
Add Webex To Outlook

If you want to add Webex to Outlook 365, find your variation below and follow the steps outlined in the rest of this post.

There are over 130 million active Webex users and over 400 million Outlook users so adding Webex to Outlook is a common query.

It’s not known how many people use both Webex and Outlook but you can bet it’s rather a lot.

In this post, we cover:

  1. How to add Webex to Outlook 365
  2. How do I download Webex for Outlook?
  3. How do I add Webex to my Outlook toolbar?
  4. Why is Webex not showing up…

Notification Overload
Notification Overload

If you’re reading this post, then you or your colleagues are suffering from notification overload. Or perhaps you are one of those proactive people who is wary that they are getting close to this path of peril and doom?

If you’re the latter, we salute you.

In this post, our aim is to (over time) remedy your notification overload and introduce you to some ways you can avoid slipping into notification fatigue ever again.

We’ll cover some pretty important topics:

  1. What is notification fatigue?
  2. How do you handle notifications?
  3. Too many notifications memes (not so important)
  4. How do I stop…

New Microsoft Teams client Windows 11
New Microsoft Teams client Windows 11

In June 2021, Microsoft announced that a new Microsoft Teams client was to be launched — and even embedded into Windows 11.

During the Windows 11 launch event, Microsoft introduced everything that will be received as new features in its latest operating system.

You can rewatch the full Windows 11 launch event livestream below:

But you probably clicked here for the new Microsoft Teams updates so let’s dive into these.

1 — New Microsoft Teams client to be embedded into Windows 11

Possibly the most exciting announcement for Microsoft Teams users was that Teams will be embedded into Windows 11.

Here’s a preview of what the desktop app (or should we…

Zoom Chat Admin Settings
Zoom Chat Admin Settings

The latest Zoom Chat admin settings have been communicated on June 18th, 2021. Zoom emailed its admin owners of Zoom Chat accounts to inform them of an option to explore and permanently switch to the new admin experience.

Zoom Chat, the group messaging product included with all free and paid Zoom plans, has seen a huge uptake as more and more video conferencing users have found it easier to stay in Zoom rather than switching back and forth to messaging apps like Slack.

Latest Zoom Chat admin updates

Starting August 22nd 2021, Zoom has communicated the following updates will be made to its admin portal:

Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation

Businesses implement automated workflows to improve efficiency and save business hours. Automated workflows have the power to cut down on resources you spend in doing tasks on a loop. And this is exactly why workflow automation tools are getting popular.

Research shows that CEOs spend around 20% of their time automating tasks. This is because most people are not sure what they want to automate and why. So, the key here is to know what tasks you want to automate and how your automation workflow should look.

There are ample workflows that you can build using no-code tools.

Aren’t no-code tools and low-code tools alike?

There is…

How To Migrate Slack To Microsoft Teams Using Spyglass MTG
How To Migrate Slack To Microsoft Teams Using Spyglass MTG

As Microsoft Teams now boasts 145 million daily active users, are you one of the businesses preparing to migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams?

If so, in this post, we’ll cover:

  1. Why migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams?
  2. How do I switch from Slack to Microsoft Teams using Spyglass MTG?
  3. Limitations when migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams
  4. How do I handle the period of transition?

Why migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams?

There might be several reasons why you’re looking to migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

These could include:

  • Your business relies on Microsoft 365 and uses SharePoint for document management
  • The majority of the…

How to Migrate from Slack to Zoom Chat
How to Migrate from Slack to Zoom Chat

Before you migrate from Slack to Zoom Chat, it’s important to work out whether that’s what you actually need.

Any migration needs a considerable amount of planning, time, and resource. So, you’ll want to get it right.

Aside from migrating from Slack to Zoom Chat, consider these possibilities:

  1. Integrating Slack and Zoom
  2. Message interoperability between Slack and Zoom Chat

If you’ve already reviewed these options, jump to: Migrating from Slack to Zoom Chat

Does Zoom integrate with Slack?

Yes, Zoom does integrate with Slack.

If you want to use Slack as your primary messaging tool, and join Zoom calls for video communications, you can use…


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