2019 Enterprise Chat Predictions [Revisited]

2019 enterprise chat predictions

1. More interoperability across Slack, Microsoft Teams and Webex

Both VP of User Experience, Meredith Schulz, and VP of Engineering, Ian Hannaford, suggested that 2019 would be even more crucial than 2018 for interoperability across the three most used platforms.

2. App confusion

Director of Content Marketing and Communications, Dominic Kent’s, suggestion was continued app confusion throughout 2019.

  • Swit
  • atap2chat
  • CafeX
  • Edify
  • Metaswitch
  • Elium

3. Feature parity

Mio CEO, Tom Hadfield‘s predictions for 2019 included the theme of convergence in enterprise messaging.

4. Compliance and security

James Cundle, Mio CTO, suggested that compliance and security would play a major part in 2019.

Padlock surrounded by messaging app icons representing Enterprise chat security

5. Integration

James also highlighted the potential for deeper integration across the board.


It looks like we weren’t too far off…



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